Botanical Kate Sice


Design was one of the major elements of this project that needed to be just right. We worked with Botanical to outline the style for the new website as their previous site was outdated and did not reflect their growing brand.

Simplicity was key in the design of the new Botanical website. With such a beautiful product, the photography needed to be front and centre. The clean and elegant design that we created is a perfect fit with the brand and the product.

By simplifying the design and focusing on user experience, the website is beautiful, user friendly and gets results.


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Conversion Rate Optimisation

KingsDesign takes a holistic view when taking on a project.  With Botanical we knew we needed to take a look at how their earlier site had been performing, and to view analytics and audience trends. The figures suggested a growing shift to mobile orders which justified our desire to really simplify the order process for Botanical customers.

Our approach to simplify the site was to replace the dropdown select option with clickable areas that are easy to tap on mobile. We also set the most commonly used options as the default options on each product page which means we reduced the number of clicks users were required to take to get to the checkout by over 50%.

As most orders are single product orders we also removed the cart altogether so another step is removed from the checkout process.

Currently the store achieves a conversion rate of over 7%.


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