Botanical Hobart
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Botanical Hobart

Botanical Hobart is a popular and well-respected florist in Hobart. They provide stunning flower arrangements for customers across southern Tasmania.
Their old website was hard to update and was not reflective of the growing business – so they turned to KingsDesign to help them develop a new online store for their customers.

What we did:

We worked with Botanical Kate Sice to develop an  online experience that would allow customers to order flowers with only a few simple selections.  The result is a beautiful and seamless experience that gives customers the choice to browse the incredible selection of flowers or to quickly make an order.

KingsDesign has also implemented some great technical tweaks to make the site quick to load on mobile as well as larger screens.

Visit the new online store

Product photography

We have to say, if you are ever in doubt about hiring a professional photographer, don’t be! Check out the Botanical website to see what amazing photos can do for your website and brand.
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