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Castella Architectural Hardware sources sophisticated and beautiful ranges of fine architectural hardware from across the world. We have crafted a new, highly effective theme to decrease page load times and deliver an improved user experience.


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The Project

Develop a high performing, WordPress theme based on the existing design. Their original website was delivering a poor user experience through a combination of slow page loads and outdated templates. Additionally there was mismatched styling from a number of plugins that added to an inconsistent user experience.

The new theme needed to feel fast and responsive in order to please both website users and search engines. Our main goals were to:

  • Reduce page load time
  • Specifically, reduce time to first paint & time to interactive page
  • Improve delivery of pages & assets where possible
  • Have an easily updatable and maintainable (well-built) theme for continuous improvement

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The Solution

To solve the slow website problem it was proposed that we would recreate the visual experience of the existing website in a completely new and custom built theme. The new theme was built with as many best practice principles in mind with the aim of reducing page load.

At the same time we made a number of small improvements to create a more cohesive and unified design and simplify user interactions. The new theme was built from the “ground-up” to optimise the delivery of visible content, speed up overall page load, and ultimately provide a fast, snappy user experience.

The Results

After crafting and launching the new theme, we conducted various performance assessments and found:

  • 88.7% increase in page speed
  • 78.5% quicker visual page load
  • 14.8% reduction in average page size
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